SNCR, the cost effective system for reducing NOx

Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction (SNCR) is a method to reduce the level of nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions in conventional combustion plants that burn coal, biomass and waste. Cement plants, waste incinerators and waste-to-energy plants that need to reduce their NOx emissions will often choose SNCR as an efficient, low-cost NOx reduction system. If optimum process conditions can be found in the host process, Yara’s SNCR technology can easily reduce the NOx emissions by more than 80%, and in some cases even upto 95%.

Why choose SNCR?

Selective non-catalytic reduction involves only a fraction of the investment cost compared to SCR technology. It can, in many cases, also be installed without the need of expensive downtime which is required for installing catalyst, injection grids and mixers required for SCR.

Yara’s high performance SNCR systems, developed by an expert NOx control team at Yara Environmental Technologies, (formerly known as Petro Miljö SNCR systems), have been installed at more than 200 facilities worldwide.

Petro Miljö, now known as Yara Environmental Technologies, is a world leader for the build and installation of SNCR systems

In October 2011, Yara acquired Petro Miljö, a leader in SNCR technology with over 200 installations worldwide. Now known as Yara Environmental Technologies, its team of experts has a wide knowledge of client processes in cement plants, waste incinerators, waste-to-energy and biomass plants that need to have NOx control. Yara’s SNCR system is based on high performance assembled modules which can be tailor-made to ensure your NOx control processes meet your legislation needs. We deliver new, complete systems based on standard or customized modules, or Yara can work with you to optimize, modify or expand your existing SNCR system to fit your purposes.

Pre-emptive maintenance services

Yara SNCR systems are built to operate and perform in tough industry environments. Our robust systems operate as specified and with minimal interruption.

However, to optimise uptime, and prevent normal wear and tear of components disrupting your processes through unexpected shutdowns, we offer our SNCR customers a Pre-emptive Maintenance Service package.

This comprises of:

  • Pre-emptive maintenance visits
  • Replacement of consumables and spare parts
  • System adjustments and optimization

and all according to prior agreement with the customer.

A Pre-emptive Maintenance Service package gives you the advantages of:

  • Prioritized service visits, and priority emergency service
  • Optimum utilization of your SNCR system, and maximum uptime
  • No maintenance service administration, we do all that for you

Spare parts services

We keep a stock of standard consumables and spare parts for your SNCR system. Ordering direct from Yara ensures that you receive the correct component, compatible to your SNCR system, delivered quickly and efficiently. We can also offer a spare part package, which contains the expected yearly consumption of “normal wear and tear" components, ensuring even faster and easier access to your necessary parts.

NOx control reagent storage solutions

We can offer you design, build and upgrade of storage solutions to fit your NOx reduction reagents (ammonia, ammonia solution and urea solution) needs. This can be as part of your SNCR, SCR or hybrid system installation, or as a stand-alone storage tank solution.

As part of our service offer we can make an optimization assessment of your current reagent usage. If your reagent situation changes, we can recommend and deliver, standardized or customized, NOx reduction reagent storage solutions, and internal site distribution solutions, to your NOx control installations.

NOx reduction reagent storage services include:

  • Upgrades to larger storage capacity
  • Converting from one reagent solution to another (e.g. anhydrous ammonia to ammonia solution)
  • Re-piping of site reagent supply system
  • On-site dissolving (urea) or dilution installations

Click here for Yara’s reference list of SNCR installations.

Read more about Yara’s leading technology and our unique SNCR offering.

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