Upgrading a NOx control system to optimize costs or meet new legislation

As new standards for reducing NOx emissions have to be met, your current NOx reducing measures may not be able to meet the legislation changes. Perhaps you have installed equipment a number of years ago, which is now starting to prevent cost efficiencies in the use of your reagent, or spare parts are increasingly difficult to source or are expensive. This challenge can be overcome by the possibility of upgrading your current system to bring it more in line with today’s technology.

Yara Environmental Technologies, a world leader in SNCR installations, and formerly known as Petro Miljö, is able to assess and measure your current systems ability to reduce NOx and then recommend how your existing system can be upgraded.

Upgrading your system can involve:

  • Upgrading original equipment parts to optimize reagent flow

  • Updating Software to improve functionality of the system

  • Electronic systems that are no longer supported by the original manufacturer can be changed to new, up to date, serviceable technology.

If you are interested in a practical check for NOx reduction upgrade, please get in touch with our NOx reduction technology experts.