Optimizing a NOx control system

As you run your NOx control system in your daily operations, you see that your operating costs are increasing.

Something can be done to prevent this. It can be due to high NOx reducing reagent consumption as a result of inefficient flue gas treatment or high maintenance frequency.

No matter what makes you confront your existing NOx treatment strategy, it is possible to solve these challenges.

Combustion, Flue Gas and Emission Measurement

Our experts from Yara Environmental Technologies (formerly Petro Miljö) will evaluate your system on site and analyse your current combustion and NOx abatement status. A mobile trial unit allows them to:

  • collate information on the combustion process

  • determine flue gas and emission conditions

  • temporarily apply corrective measures to your existing NOx treatment operation to practically determine the best strategy and set-up to meet your demands for reliably higher abatement results and lower operating cost.

Based on various simulations and practical findings, Yara is able to  optimize your existing system. NOx emission levels will be reliably reduced and reduction levels will even be guaranteed. Consumption of NOx control reagents can be optimized accordingly to ensure maximum performance without over-injection, thus reducing reagent costs.

If you are interested in a practical check for NOx reduction optimization, please get in touch with our NOx reduction technology experts.

Read more information on SNCR and SCR systems.

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