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Yara International ASA is the world’s leading chemical company that converts energy, natural minerals and nitrogen from the air into essential products for farmers and industrial customers.

Our industrial product portfolio includes environmental protection agents that help prevent air pollution under the NOxCare brand for stationary and maritime applications, and under the Air1 brand for trucks, buses, cars and other non-road mobile machinery. Yara is the world’s largest producer of AdBlue, Diesel Exhaust Fluid and ARLA 32 which is used in automotive SCR applications.

We are one of the largest producers in the world of Ammonia and Urea, with one third of the Ammonia traded in the world being supplied by Yara. We safely trade and ship Ammonia and Urea around the world to our SCR and SNCR customers.

  • With more than 200 installations worldwide by Yara Environmental Technology experts, we are also a world leader in SNCR systems at cement, waste incinerators and waste to energy plants.
  • Yara has also delivered more than 1300 systems onboard more than 350 marine vessels and is by far the SCR market leader to the maritime industry.

Our global workforce with more than 12,000 employees represents a great diversity and knowledge that enables us to remain a leading performer in the industry. We are headquartered in Oslo, in Norway, with operations in more than 50 countries and sales to about 150 countries.

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